Der Saturnmond Daphnis

Der Blog Lights in the Dark ist eine meiner Anlaufstellen, wenn es um den Planeten Saturn und seine Monde geht!

Einige Aufnahmen der Raumsonde Cassini aus dem NASA Planetary Data System
J. P. Major schreibt in seinem dazu in seinem Blogeintrag:

„Every six to nine months or so the Cassini Imaging Center dumps orbiter image data into NASA’s Planetary Data System, or PDS. This data is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, but it can be a little awkward to find exactly what you’re looking for (unless you’re familiar with the technical nomenclature of the dozen imaging filter codes and timestamps of Cassini data…in which case, dig in!) Luckily the SETI institute has set up a more user-friendly search engine that allows desktop astronomers to zero in on image collections with less data entry involved.“

The Rings Node of NASA’s Planetary Data System is devoted to archiving, cataloging, and distributing scientific data sets relevant to planetary ring systems.

„The sky is the ultimate art gallery just above us.“
-Ralf Waldo Emerson


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